• Yongkil Kwon
  • CEO of Neoply
  • Yongkil Kwon NEOPLY CEO Yongkil is a CEO of NEOPLY, Korea’s leading start-up accelerator, and a leader of EOSeoul, EOS block producer. Yongkil earned his master’s degree in computer engineering from the Seoul National University, where he also holds his bachelor’s degree.
    He previously worked at Samsung Electronics. In 2001, he joined NEOWIZ and during his tenure as CTO, Yongkil has committed to making a priority for the Korea game leader company. Since 2013, he took over as leader of NEOPLY, NEOWIZ 's accelerating subsidiary, he has contributed to forming the Korea start-up ecosystem. Recently he launched a cryto fund and crypto accelerating program,expanded the type of companies it invests in.
    NEOPLY has built an impressive portfolio of blockchain projects, including TTC protocol,Terra and COSMO Chain.