• Jay Park
  • Head of Lambda 256 (Dunamu)
  • Pursuing a career in the S/W and service development industry for the past 24 years since 1994.
    Leaded Hidden Platform and Service at Hidden business division (former T-Valley), SKT. T-valley was organized for seeking the new business and culture in January, 2015.
    Leaded Samsung Pay service development and business as a GM (general manager) at Mobile Business Division, Samsung Electronics. Leading Knox Message project (a B2B messaging service) and push marketing platform as well. Was in charge of various mobile services and common platforms including ChatON (a mobile messaging service), Samsung Account, Samsung Cloud and big data platform at Media Solution Center.
    Succeeded in the global office market by developing Thinkfree online office, a competitor of Google Docs as the CTO of Thinkfree in 2005.
    Founded and managed a technical venture on search engines in 1998. Developed the world’s first java search engine named SearchWare TM. Re-founded the venture in 2000, named it Wisefree. Developed a corporate portal solution with information management. Sold the company in 2005.