• What is UDC ?
  • Interest in blockchain and coin economy continues to rise, with numerous blockchain-related conferences and meetups are being held throughout the world.

    Entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, and journalists are gathering at these events to discuss the future of blockchain. Still, a forum for developers to openly discuss and share the latest in blockchain technology is lacking.

    Upbit would like to create a conference by, for, and with blockchain developers. “Upbit Developer Conference 2018” will be a place for developers to hear from the world’s top experts via various dynamic formats and share new ideas with other attendees.

    With the theme of “Proof of Developer”, UDC will be a place to show the world that developers are at the center of the blockchain ecosystem.

    We hope you can join us in September to share the newest and best in blockchain technology.
  • Proof of Developer
  • ‘Proof of Developer’ signifies the hard work blockchain developers put in on a daily basis to enrich the ecosystem.
    ‘UDC 2018’ is a place for them to gather and share and advance ideas that will comprise the blockchain of the future.

Summery of UDC 2018

  • 800
  • Number of Participants
    Attend the UDC 2018
  • 210
  • Number of Partners
    Attend the UDC 2018
  • 35
  • Number of Keynote and
    Expert Sessions


  • A Communication
    Platform for Developers
  • Insight from world-class blockchain developers Dynamic content delivered via a wide range of session formats Share and collaborate
    on new ideas with other developers


  • In depth Discussions on Blockchain Technology
  • Sessions offering technical and practical content that matter to developers Real, applicable insight on token platforms, stablecoin, smart contracts, consensus algorithms, BaaS template, and more Provides a global perspective on the latest blockchain technologies and trends


  • Where We Can Get Together
  • Meet world-class blockchain developers in Jeju Island, South Korea A wide variety of activities including a welcome dinner and DJ performance